Artillery St.

(2005 & 2015)

While in the photography archive of Brighton Museum I came across the work of one of the towns longest running and most prolific photographic studios: Deane & Millar.

I was drawn to their studies of local housing that were made as part of government research that would eventually lead to the slum clearances of the 1930s. I noticed many of the streets they photographed no longer existed in modern Brighton, not only that, but even the lines of the old streets had been erased and were now practically impossible to follow. The old maps had been covered over by the new, and the historic street names had disappeared. I began to explore these lost streets trying to follow the old routes to see if anything of them remained. 

In 2015, ten years after making the photographs of these explorations I returned to walk the routes again, this time without my camera. The revisit was out of a curiosity: what had I been looking for, what had I been trying to photograph? I made notes, scribbled in a note book, the lines rubbed out, rewritten and rewritten again.