(Scotland. 2000/2001)

(Due to a recent twitter conversation I have been looking back at some old negatives)

These images are from the time I lived in Portobello on the outskirts of Edinburgh. I had left University in Southern England and moved up to Scotland, working in a bookshop and with very little money I continued to make my photographs.

I didn’t have the money or facilities to develop and print these images when I made them, so I would buy a few rolls of film and make more photographs on my walks around the coast, quietly mapping my surroundings. I never saw the pictures, I just carried on. Looking back, I don’t know who these pictures were for, or why I was making them

The rolls of film lay untouched for several years. Eventually, when I had moved back to England, I had them developed. The film had degraded over the years, and the images were flat and misty; ghost like.