(2015 - onwards)

It is a seemingly simple practice: to go out into the landscape and attempt to bring something of it back, be it words, images or memories. Something that can be questioned, something that helps to hone our reasons to repeat this practice and, in turn, to ask better questions.

I go out into the landscape near my home and inevitably return with pockets filled with bits of sheep's wool plucked from barbed wire fences, feathers and stones, and snails shells that have been emptied by the hungry beaks of thrushes, as well as the curious, brightly coloured ephemera of human presence.

These small objects are picked up, handled and pocketed like treasures: an attempt to hold on to something of these places. I gather these things and bring them together into a single form that represents a particular place and my time within it.


(This work originally started as an online project I made for SMBH magazine)